so You're writing a book?

bullet imagebullet imageIt's one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do. You no doubt have a great book concept and your head is buzzing with ideas but, as you may have already discovered, it's not as easy as it looks.  Are you still staring at a blank page or screen? Or perhaps you are bogged down at Chapter Three and feeling dissatisfied with what you have written so far.

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Writing a novel

Writing a novel

Perhaps you feel the need to start from scratch and learn how to write a novel step-by-step with my writing course, or you may have a near-completed or stalled novel and need mentoring help. Of course, you may even have a completed manuscript that simply requires polishing for publication with a full line edit. Fantasy, Romance, Historical,Crime, Sci-fi,  Speculative fiction - the genre is unimportant - all your novel-writing resources are here and short story writing coach advice too. H\

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How to write a biography

writing your autobiography

Whether rich or poor, famous or small-town homely, everyone has a story to tell and a fascinating first-hand experience of historical times and places.  Do you want to write your story or family history to leave for future generations? Maybe you are the last person with any memories of Grandma. Organising the material and deciding where to start can be daunting. Two heads are better than one - call me in on the task.

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Writing non-fiction

writing non-fiction

There are excellent commercial opportunities in writing self-help and advice books. As writing coach,I have worked on dozens, including travel, health, fitness, spirituality and books offering advice on finance, lifestyle,  love and sex. You may be an expert in your field but writing is another field of expertise altogether; a poorly structured or poorly written book will fail to reflect your experience and advice. Let's work on it together and produce a quality product.

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