Mentoring Help for the structure of your autobiography

Even if you feel you don't need help with the writing of your own story or your family history, it is very useful to have someone to consult with over the structure you will use.

Consider these issues in writing your own story:

What is a good starting point?

What internal divisions make best sense?

Do you include forebears or just say: No, I'm writing my story, no one else's.

Do you add photos, memorabilia (the Beatles concert ticket, first pay slip), illustrations?

Do you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? You need to consider who might be hurt by your revelations.  Indeed, I have had a number of clients whose whole purpose in writing their story seemed to be to get even for past hurts. While it may have felt good to vent, the resulting book was so bitter and one-dimensional that no one but the author would want to read it. The writer who hopes to publish to a wider audience than family needs to keep in mind that, while your life, times  and adventures might be entertaining, the reader has no interest in your petty squabbles with Aunt Mabel... unless you make it humorous, rather than bitter and twisted.

Do you need to do any research? Sure, it's your life but, if you want to include what you were doing when you heard President Kennedy was shot or when the first moon landing happened, it's useful to get the historical facts right... so can you rely on your memory? Some of the most interesting 'reads' in the autobiographies of 'ordinary' people is what they recall of famous incidents and of the passing crazes, slang, and entertainment. Make sure your own story carries some of these elements.

By asking some pertinent questions, I can guide you through some of these difficult decisions and have a good framework and narration style set up for your work when writing a book.  You can then either proceed alone or take the total mentoring package. At $59, the cost to assist you in writing a biography, writing your autobiography or writing family history is not huge, considering the practical professional writing coach help you will receive.

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