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The following 4 assessments are specifically designed to test the skills required for  novel writing (beginner and advanced, autobiography or non-fiction.

Number (1) caters for novel-writing beginners who have not started a novel or have written little

Number (2) caters for someone with a complete or near-complete novel and allows you to cut and paste appropriate sections of your manuscript into the exercises and thus gain a min- manuscript critique. 

Choose the most appropriate assessment for your writing needs

1.  Beginners' Novel and Short Story Writing             DOWNLOAD

2.  Mini- Manuscript Critique for finished novel      DOWNLOAD

3.   Autobiography and Family History Writing         DOWNLOAD

4.  Non-Fiction Writing                                                          DOWNLOAD

If you're keen to write a book, I believe you will find this basic writing skills assessment useful. I will report on your ability to write dialogue, to write a narrative passage, and an opening paragraph to hook the reader. At the same time, any persistent problems in the basics of spelling, punctuation, expression and grammar will become evident. Although I am thorough in my criticism, I always try to explain why something is wrong or could be better and , where possible, I try to give examples. The style of critique I use for your writing skills is similar to the manner in which I write mentoring comments on a manuscript or in performing a full line edit. I call the assessment  a technical critique  because it concentrates on the mechanics of crafting a novel and on writing style: I make no attempt to assess whether your manuscript or your writing potential will see you published or in the bestseller bracket. Such things I leave to fortune-tellers. The only way a writing coach can help you is to build and refine your basic writing skills and teach you the essentials of crafting a novel. It is your own creativity and spark of genius that will left your work above the others and make you one of the few out of thousands who actually get published.