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See how your novel concept shapes up! Get a professional assessment and advice.  Trial the first session of my Structural Mentoring package  FREE and with NO OBLIGATION.  I believe you will be delighted with the quality and value of my mentoring response; if you are not convinced that I can make a difference to your manuscript and writing  ability,  it has cost you nothing. You are NOT required to give credit card details to access this special offer and you will not be peppered with junk mail.  If, subsequently, you would like to complete the entire package (2 more sessions), you request it and pay $99. 

To access this FREE NO-OBLIGATION TRIAL, complete the contact form at the foot of the page.

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Has your manuscript stalled or are you dissatisfied with what you've written?  Mentoring can really help!  If you're looking for a novel writing coach who doesn't charge the earth, you've found him.

I have had years of writing, mentoring, editing  and - most importantly - teaching experience and I take delight in being a catalyst for my clients' creativity.  I can coax - or coach - the best out of your writing and teach you some writing skills and tricks along the way.


Let's talk about this up-front and get it out of the way, because most novice writers think that engaging a professional mentor is out of their league. It's true, many writing coaches do  charge thousands.  I don't. I want to reach as many enthusiastic new writers as possible. I keep my coaching rates to a bare minimum and, what's more, you pay chapter-by-chapter, which spreads the cost, so that you can afford professional writing mentor help for your book. I do not require a contract; I have no need to pin you down. If you stop seeing value in what I do, or can't see vast improvements in your manuscript and your writing skills, then why should you employ me any further? You can stop any time.


I charge $7 (Aussie dollars) per 1000 words.  As the average book chapter is 2000 - 4000 words, you will pay $14-$28 per chapter for solid professional advice, new ideas, corrections (with explanations and examples, where possible), plus reassurance when you're getting it right. I consider that a bargain; I believe you will too, if you have been writing a book on your own.

The one thing I do insist on, however, is that, before you commence chapter-by-chapter mentoring, you purchase the structural mentoring package ($99), because there is no point having a writing coach work on words, words, words, if the underlying structure is rotten to the core: story premise, structure, plot, characterisation and tension arc all have to be assessed and fixed at the outset, as it saves so much time and angst later.

So, to reiterate, all you will pay for this top quality, detailed creative writing coach service to help with writing a book  is $99 PLUS $7 per 1000 words.   British and US clients will get a  super-cheap  price due to the exchange rate.


How does my style of mentoring work? It's all done by email.  After completion of the Structural Mentoring Package, you then send me the first chapter to assess.  I write marginal comments on it (using Microsoft Word's wonderful tracking, editing and note functions).  Sometimes I will ask you questions.

You then reply to my comments - sometimes clarifying or asking further  questions. This process goes on until we are both satisfied that the chapter has been thrashed out! Then we move on to the next. That's all in the slender price for the chapter.  Because my rates are so low, I can't re-evaluate a significantly re-written chapter within the price, of course.

 I always offer mentoring clients a discount on my full line editing fees, when they eventually  edit before publication, so that's a bonus.

Please be aware that, as I work alone, I can only take on a limited number of mentoring clients each year and there is sometimes a waiting list. Check availability before writing a book .

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