Novel  Writing Skills

The two key issues of novel writing are dealt with on other pages - Show, Don't Tell and POV.  Together these two related crafting skills will make or break a text and must be mastered if you intend writing a book.However, there are many aspects of how to write well and I will list the links to miscellaneous writing skills on this page.  Please be aware that this section of the site will expand, if you don't see what you need help with here, please come back in a few weeks and try again.  Alternatively, you might like to use the form at the foot of the page to prompt me to write a page or devise an exercise worksheet about your particular writing skills bugbear.  I promise I will respond!

Here are the topics you can currently access.  Just click on the links. Sorry, one day I'll put them in alphabetical order).

HOW TO WRITE GOOD DIALOGUE  - This is essential to writing a book, as often dialogue represents 1/3 of the text.

DIALOGUE TAGS - These clues to the reader about who is speaking are sometimes done very badly.

DIALOGUE PUNCTUATION  - One of the trickiest bits of punctuation to master when writing a book.

CONNOTATION AND DENOTATION  - Cornerstone concepts for writing both novels and poetry

SENTENCES - WHAT MAKES A TRUE, COMPLETE SENTENCE - You need to know this in order to punctuate properly.

WHAT IS SATIRE?   How satire is used in books, articles and cartoons to criticise society.

FIRST PERSON WRITING  It is important to know the pros and cons of writing in First Person

SYMBOLISM  The use of symbols in writing a book.

WRITING PROMPTS - both novel writing prompts and short story writing prompts

WHAT IS SUSPENSE?  The need for all novels to be built on suspense.