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Thank you, Jim! I've downloaded the critique file.

If you're keen to write a book, I believe you will find this basic writing skills assessment of excerpts from your manuscript useful. I will report on your ability to write dialogue, to write a narrative passage, and an opening paragraph to hook the reader. The exercise allows you to choose one passage where you feel your writing really shines; what better way to see if you are on track than to run it by a professional writing coach. At the same time, any persistent problems in the basics of spelling, punctuation, expression and grammar will become evident. Although I am thorough in my criticism, I always try to explain why something is wrong or could be better and, where possible, I try to give examples. The style of critique I use for your writing skills is similar to the manner in which I write mentoring comments on a manuscript or in performing a full line edit. Thus, you get a good idea of whether you would like to use my editing or mentoring services in the future.

  I call the assessment  a technical critique  because it concentrates on the mechanics of crafting a novel and on writing style: I make no attempt to assess whether your manuscript or your writing potential will see you published or in the bestseller bracket. Such things I leave to fortune-tellers. The only way a writing coach can help you is to build and refine your basic writing skills and teach you the essentials of crafting a novel. It is your own creativity and spark of genius that will left your work above the others and make you one of the few out of thousands who actually get published. And, of course, as Will Rogers said: Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.