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from  novel writing coach jim parsons

Be it  a mystery, love story or fantasy, writing a novel looks so easy! Every year thousands of enthusiastic novices decide to write a bestseller and get rich quick ...  with no training, no previous experience and no practice.  What other craft or profession attracts such unrealistic aspirations? No one believes that he or she can become an instant ballet dancer, brain surgeon or tennis star... but best-selling author? Oh yes, why not?  The problem is that, just as the ballerina makes dancing look graceful and effortless,  the expert novelist can turn out a professional product that belies the years of learning,  practice, hard work and heartache that went into it. The avid reader never gets to see the failed attempts that gather dust on the hard drive while the bestseller wins accolades.

I cannot guarantee you a bestseller but I can teach you the craft and take years off your journey to fame and fortune


select your writing status below

a) Novice - I haven't started writing yet but i have a great idea for a novel
  • Free Writing Skills Assessment Service: If you are serious about writing a novel, eliminate the guesswork right from the start. Find out what your present novel writing strengths and weakness are by  using my free writing assessment service. It's a free service and obligation-free. It is a 4-part test of your ability to write description, dialogue, action, and character delineation - all  essential skills for the would-be novelist. You will receive a detailed assessment of your writing with advice and examples of best practice, where needed. To download the free assessment, click HERE.
  • Novel Writing Course: This is the best possible way to approach writing your first novel. Don't worry, it doesn't mean a delay in starting the actual writing: the course material and assignments are geared to producing the novel you want to write.  By the end of the 20 assignments, you will have completed the first draft of your manuscript. The assignments keep you motivated to progress the work and, moreover, you have my regular mentoring of each assignment to check and improve your novel writing skills. Sounds expensive?  Not at all ... $24.75 (Australian) per module - no contract to sign, no up-front payment, just buy each module when you're ready for it. For further detailed information and application, click  HERE.
B) intermediate - i have already completed several chapters of my novel
  • Novel Writing Course: Especially if your writing has stalled or you are dissatisfied with what you have written, you may still benefit from the writing course. However, you must be flexible enough to accept that major changes in plot, characterisation or narration style might be necessary. However, is difficult for writers to get full value from the course if they merely cut and paste existing passages and chapters into assignment exercises, as they are less likely to fully engage with the course material and stretch their creativity.  For info and application form for the course CLICK HERE.
  • Free Mini-manuscript Assessment Service: Yes, this is free and without obligation, so don't miss the opportunity. You complete  a 2-page, 4-part writing skills assessment, where you cut and paste short passages of your choice from your completed manuscript, so that I can analyse your dialogue, characterisation, description, narration and ability to hook the reader - in short, all the key novel.  To download the assessment tasks, click HERE.
  • Structural Mentoring Package - $99: If you feel fairly confident about your novel writing skills, this starter novel mentoring package offers useful reassurance that you have a solid framework for your novel concept, good characterisation and character motivation, and a strong plot. Over three sessions, your concept and plot will be tweaked, and  your characterisation and narrative style explored. Such familiar and deadly writing flaws as Show don't Tell failures, poor POV and rapid POV shifts, wooden descriptions and dialogue and tense shifts will be identified and discussed. For more detailed information and application, click HERE.
  • Full Mentoring Service: The full service starts with an obligatory starter deal ($99) to ensure your overall novel structure is sound.  Thereafter, as you write your novel,  I work with you on a chapter-by-chapter basis, which includes a regular email dialogue until you are ready to proceed.  This service costs just $7 per 1000 words. That's right!  A 3000 word chapter would cost $21. Why go it alone, when you can access professional help at these prices? For more detailed information and application, click HERE.
c) experienced writer - i have A completed manuscript I am hoping to publish or self-publish
  • Chapter One Critique: Chapter One is a microcosm of your novel. Moreover, it has a specific job to do to set the tone and hook the reader. A technical analysis of this chapter will reveal your novel-crafting skills and flaws as surely as a very expensive full manuscript critique would - of utmost importance when you are writing a novel. I offer a detailed overall mentoring report (not just a 'tick-the-box' sheet, accompanied by marginal comments and suggestions on the page. This service costs just $45 for up to 3000 words. For a longer chapter, calculate the fee at $1.50 per 100 words. To find out more and apply, see my old Critique website, CLICK HERE.
  • Full Mentoring Service: Depending on the recommendations of the critique, you might choose to have me mentor you through the revision of your entire manuscript ... or push on with a full line edit. For further details of the novel writing mentoring service and application, click HERE.
  • Full Line Edit: All manuscripts need a final edit, even when the basic plot, structure and narration is excellent. If your work is ready for publication, I will quote on a full line edit.  While every book must be assessed for the amount of work involved, the average novel manuscript costs $1.50 per 100 words. To obtain a quote from my editing service Oz-Edit Proofreading, click HERE.