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Non-fiction is generally easier to market than fiction and is more likely to make a profit when self-published.  One reason is that, if you were to write a romance called Girl with Attitude, someone searching Amazon for  'romance' would find millions of books and it is unlikely they'd stumble onto yours. As well, no one is going to search for the title unless they hear about it some other way. On the other hand, if you write a book called Grooming and Clipping  Poodles, the book is very likely to come up in a Google or Amazon search under 'Poodles', 'dog grooming' or 'how to clip poodles'. Readers actively search for non-fiction help.  If your book meets the enquirer's needs, it will sell.

People want information and advice about every imaginable subject, so, if you have specialist knowledge or can gather and present useful material, there's probably a niche market out there for your book. The non-fiction writing category stretches from academic tomes through general interest and self-help to trivia. Each has a different format, structure, tone, and narration style.

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The best advice I can give is do your research.  Study the market and closely examine books you will be competing against. Publishers and readers don't just want more of the same.  What's your new twist? A different approach, a new style, up-to-date facts? Remember that the more specific your non-fiction book subject is, the more likely it is to find a buyer.  Thus, 'Pet Care' will have thousands of competitors;  'hip dysplasia in Alsations' will be a niche market and specific Google searches will find you.


Take a look at the list below, which was extracted from the Good Read website You may gain inspiration for a book you have the skills and background experience to write.


Diary & Memoirs
Business & Finance
Cookbooks / Food & Lifestyle
Cultural/Social Issues
Current Affairs & Politics
General Non-Fiction
Gift Book / Coffee Table Book
Health, & Fitness / Medical (for the lay-person
Home Decorating & Design / Architecture
How To
Music, Film, & Entertainment
Nature & Ecology
Outdoor Adventuring
Pop Culture & Celebrity

Photo essay
Relationship & Dating
Religion & Spirituality
Science & Technology
True Adventure
True Crime
 Women’s Issues

Consider Sydney at Night as a possible title for writing a non-fiction in either the travel, cultural, or photo essay sub-genres.

Sydney at night - writing non-fiction